Thoughts of the Day – SILMAR TRANSLATIONS

The people who succeed in this world are those who go looking for the conditions they want, and if they do not find them, they create. (George Bernard Shaw)

As soon as you get up in the morning ……… smile! ……… So you will not have to think about it again!

If you do not target the target ……… it’s never the fault of the target!

Each of us is unique … so it’s normal for no one to think like me!

It makes more noise a fallen tree than a growing forest!

Today we are committed to everything, except in the most important thing of life ……… be happy! (Omar Falworth)

The most important thing in life? Live! (Omar Falworth)

Even a 5000km journey begins with the first step!

Whether you believe you can do something, or you can not do it, you’ll still be right!

Only two things are endless, the universe and human stupidity …… and I’m not sure of the first! (Albert Einstein)

The best way to love something is to think we could lose it!

He has little who does not know how much he has! …… He has so much to know the little he has! (Omar Falworth)

The most things to do ……… are the ones you do not know how to do it!

He’s always in good company who’s good with himself! (Omar Falworth)

A smile made to the living is better than a fountain of tears scattered for the dead! (Chinese Proverb)

Kites need the opposite wind to get up, not in favor!

Silvia! … I wanted to remind you one thing: I love you! (Marco)

There is no favorable wind for the sailor who does not know where to go! (Seneca)

But words are things, a small drop of ink, which make thousands, maybe millions, think! (Lord Byron)

Like a bird in the wind, like a tree in the storm, like the breath of a child, from the moment he is born, to the very last day, when the curtains are drawn, we are children! (Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb)

We seek happiness anywhere, except where it is ……… in ourselves

How we are weird humans! When we live badly, we take it with life that is unjust with us and we do not realize, alas, that we are not able to take it for the right direction.

Sometimes we spend money that we do not have, to buy things we do not like, to make beautiful figures with people who are not interested in us.

When you’re about to give up, when you feel that life has been too hard with you, remember who you are. Remember your dream. (Sergio Bambarén)

Only accepting the differences of other people is possible to live happily!

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