A Walk in the Other Moscow

A Walk in the Other Moscow


Pokervovo in Moscow is one of the finest areas of Moscow. Known as a true “heartland” of Moscow, it has its own unique charm that draws many visitors to its surroundings.

There are plenty of options for visitors when looking for a place to experience Pokervovo. You can take the metro to Novotel Hotel Pokervovo, which provides great accommodation with full services and facilities at your doorstep. If you want to travel by car or you would prefer not to drive yourself, there are several parking options near the hotel that you can choose from.

Pokervovo also boasts many museums and galleries that are worth visiting. It offers a huge collection of displays that showcase every single region of Russia. It contains a museum dedicated to former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife, Olga, and a children’s museum that includes a display of plastic toys and props from the Soviet era.

Pokrovka is on a daily basis immersed in events and recreation. The area is situated in the heart of Moscow and takes many visitors into the heart of the city. There are numerous sightseeing options for visitors, ranging from the cathedral in the middle of the city to the “Black Hole” attraction in the suburbs.

Pokrovka is very rich in history. Visitors can delve into history by exploring the areas of the town that has some relation to the past and the Soviet era.

Pokrovovo is all about Russian culture. There are no other cities in the world where the Russian language is used so much, nor in such a variety of ways. Those who would like to experience this culture can enjoy a visit to various churches and historic buildings.

Many people visit Pokrovka not just to see the museums and historical buildings, but also to explore the whole host of attractions that the city offers. It has something for everyone, and there is something here for everyone. There are plenty of sports to participate in and activities to enjoy, whatever your age or interests.

Pokrovka is filled with vast collections of homes, old buildings, historic sites, parks, gardens, and restaurants. These are the best places to experience the beauty of the Russian capital.