Link Alternatif (The Link) From Sundul99

Link Alternatif (The Link) From Sundul99

On the Sunlight Radio Show, Gerald Gardner said he is going to be releasing a new album of songs called the “Link Alternatif sundul99.” This song is a mystery to me. It looks like a traditional Viking saga.

This song looks like a hymn to war and illuminations. What is the message from this hymn? How can we decipher the “inner” meaning of the Song? Why is Sundul99 taking this long to release this secret song?

The “Link Alternatif” looks like something from the book of “Illuminations.” In other words, what Ash makes. The Link is Ash’s Way.

The subject matter in the Link has Ash opening a portal to the dark world of evil forces. Ash is saying he can no longer stand by and let the world fall apart, especially in the early stages of this song when the evil forces and their voices are making the situation worse than it has ever been.

Ash has given up hope that the good guys will win. In fact, he says they will never defeat these evil forces in this time of war. If you listen closely to the lyrics of this song, you can hear the sorrow of Ash.

In the beginning of the song, Ash said that the world would be able to live in the light of day, but in the end, it will end up in total darkness, filled with death, murder, bloodshed, and blood. The monsters in the shadows and evil forces can’t help but attract and infect all humans, so there will be no escape from them.

The chorus of the Link seems to be saying “I don’t know who or what the enemy is, but I’m sick of fighting it”. Ash’s hunger for battle and war must have increased after the events of the previous song “Bloodletter.” In this song, Ash seems to have been one step ahead of the march of evil.

The Link seems to be a reflection of the character of Ash, who seems to get himself killed many times. In the end, there is nothing he can do, as evil is winning. So why isn’t Ash using his secret weapon?