How I Got Started in Afapoker and Became a Tournament Player

How I Got Started in Afapoker and Became a Tournament Player

A recent post on the Afapoker forum has prompted me to dig out my old notes and write a personal account of how I got into poker and became a tournament player. My first exposure to the game was through friends and family members who were playing themselves (and I remember that having some pretty stiff competition). My real introduction to this world was when I started getting involved in online tournaments as I was going to college. After one particularly disappointing loss, I felt like I needed to do something about it and I decided to play a few games to figure out what was going on with my skills.

To my surprise, many of the players in the “casual players” section seemed to be better than I was impressed by their skill. I was eventually invited to join a local Texas Hold’em tournament to which I thought I would excel. The other participants were a couple of guys from my hometown and I had a lot of fun learning how to play poker and enjoying some good friends and drinking beer with them. The tournaments are not very costly and they usually have high stakes which makes them a blast.

The second time round, I realized that I had to improve my skill and the way to do that was to learn how to play online poker. I went on to find a decent method of doing that on the internet which offered the opportunity to learn online while having a full time job to keep me motivated. I learned to play with the help of a tutor. It was actually a little bit more work but I really did enjoy the time spent on learning and practiced with my tutor each day.

I knew I would be making a living online if I chose the right strategy, which was to take a huge risk and try to learn by myself by watching videos and reading books and French professor who’s English was atrocious. I also found an agency that had a whole stack of poker hands with different casino chips and started to buy some of the chipped chips but I soon found that I wasn’t any good at doing this.

I enjoyed the experience of playing for money and it gave me a taste of the various casino games I would be playing and also of learning to make some money playing online poker on my own. One day I was sitting there playing with my mother and her husband and I won about $10 which was kind of exciting. I decided to stick with online poker and just watched what happened.

A couple of weeks later, when I decided to play, I found out that I didn’t work out! I also found out that this was not the end of my poker journey because I found out that poker is not easy for me to master. My determination didn’t waver and I kept trying to play for cash. There were times when I ended up losing but I just found out that the money is not worth the amount of effort it takes to win.

So here I am today and still learning the game. This is still my favorite way to play and the game is very addictive. Playing online with friends and constantly winning tournaments keeps me hooked to it.

It is amazing how some of the home casinos can make the player forget about any problem he might have. It is like they will cover all your bases and teach you every aspect of the game at a level that I wouldn’t expect from a top class professional.