The Ratudomino88 Controversy on MySpace

The Ratudomino88 Controversy on MySpace

Although the Mouseion is a website I know nothing about, I figured it would be interesting to see what the moderators of the website had to say about Link Ratudomino88. There is no denying that the moderators have a hard time with Link Ratudomino88. One of them wrote a letter to the Ratudomino88 administrators, because he didn’t like the way they were acting. In the letter, he suggested to the Ratudomino88 administrators that they should send him a letter and allow him to reply.


That letter is archived at Link Ratudomino88. It’s clear that the administrators of Link Ratudomino88 are not amused by this. You can read the entire thing in its entirety in the link below. The full text is available to all who request it.

The letter from the moderators is really rather ridiculous, with what is basically an attack on the Mouseion, and an attack on Link Ratudomino88. At one point, the moderator of the site actually suggests that if someone writes a letter to Link Ratudomino88 that it will somehow make the admins and moderators look bad.

But of course, nobody ever writes a letter to the admins, or to the moderators. Let me ask you a question. If you write a letter to a person who had been using a MySpace page to promote their MySpace page, and they don’t write a letter back, does that make you look bad?

To me, this type of conduct by the moderators of Link Ratudomino88 is really rather pathetic. They really do not know what they are doing, but they sure are acting like it. It’s very disheartening to see such behavior from some of the moderators of a website. It’s especially disheartening to see it from the administrators of a website, especially since the administrators have been elected.

This article from is one that really demonstrates how Link Ratudomino88 has been turned into a joke. The comments are disgusting, and it makes one wonder how this site was able to get approved for use on MySpace. Please take a look at the comments to see just how many people are writing nasty things about Link Ratudomino88.

Please consider all this, and think on it. How did a website get approved for use on MySpace? While some things are beyond my comprehension, it is certainly possible that Link Ratudomino88 was being used to advertise the MySpace site, and perhaps other sites, and it was allowed to pass.

Of course, that explanation doesn’t make sense, so I also contacted my favorite lawyers, and asked them about this, and I’ll let you know what they say. After all, it’s quite possible that their opinion may change. Just as my opinion may change, and so might yours. Good Luck!